double exposure blackjackWhat exactly is Blackjack Double Exposure? Well, if you’ve ever played blackjack, you will know that the typical game of blackjack will see the dealer producing cards which are on display, to the players, whilst the dealer’s cards remain hidden, but in Blackjack Double Exposure from Play'N Go, both the dealer and the player’s cards are exposed. Whilst the aim of the game is the same, there are slight differences to the standard game of blackjack. Whilst the house edge of this variant is greater than normal blackjack games, it is still considered to be one of the most popular blackjack games on offer.

Game Play and Rules

The design is nothing unusual; you have your betting table with chip amounts on show and on the table, you will find the dealer’s chips plus the cards which will be dealt. The rules of the game are simple;

  • Both the dealers and the player’s cards will be shown at all times
  • The dealer will always win on any tie (except on a natural blackjack)
  • Player can only split once during the course of a single han
  • Even money is paid on player blackjack.
  • Players have the ability to double on any first two cards
  • The player can double after a split
  • Dealer may stand or hit on soft 17
The table limits of this game are £1 minimum and £100 maximum. The aim of the game is to get as close to or on the number 21 as you possibly can, to win, without going over (bust).

Blackjack Double Exposure

In Short

If you are looking to win big cash when playing Blackjack, then Blackjack Double Exposure isn’t the game for you, because it offers an RTP of 99.33% which is lower than Play'N Go’s typical Blackjack variant with 99.75%. There is a big advantage to this game though, being able to see exactly what the dealer has in their hand, allowing you to make safer predictions than standard blackjack games. Unlike usual blackjack games, you don’t have the option to purchase insurance, this is because the dealer’s cards are always on show, so you have to be clever with your bets. Always play with the lowest table limit, until you get a feel of the game, this will allow you to accumulate smaller prizes, but if you don’t manage to make good predictions, then your small stake isn’t going to damage your bankroll, as a £40 bet would.

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